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lirik lagu don’t make us – unk

(feat. dj montay, d.g. yola)

[dj montay:]
yeah one time it’s your boy
dj montay
representing that oomp camp
i got some n-gg-s with me dj
unk yola the great and me myself of course
man we padded up by the oomp camp
it’s going down and
if you don’t give a f-ck in this motherf-cker
put your middle fingers
up you’d give a f-ck about that
other click n-gg- you know what time it is
aye aye aye!

put them middle fingers up if you don’t give a f-ck [x4]

f-ck them haters f-ck them snitches f-ck [x4]

n-gg- don’t make me put them hands on you
n-gg- don’t make me put them haters on you
n-gg- don’t make us send the squad on you
n-gg- ’cause we don’t give a f-ck about you [x2]

you talk a lot of sh-t but can you back it up?
got 15s with red beams pointing out the truck o now you backing up
i tried to tell ’em
man you looking sick you out here dodging like the caravans
o please don’t make me mad i turn a smile to frown
i’m gonna put my middle finger up and start to counting down
it goes one don’t make me two
go off
’cause if i do i’m gonna pop the trunk and reach for it
and it’s all off
yeah we ain’t playing games
yeah i’m from that fourth
would yeah i’ll find you dead on bank head up in pull apart you p-ssy
n-gg-s scared yeah
unk will pull your card f-ck
with the squad like some spades
i’ll cut your card
it pays the cost to be the boss like rick ross
i’m hustling fat stacks be doubling while other n-gg- be struggling
i got them hands and them haters n-gg-
now who bucking and i give a f-ck
n-gg- better start ducking


f-ck you n-gg- [x8]

(f-ck you)

you say motherf-ck me now motherf-ck you [x4]

now rep yo zone (represent) now rep yo ward (represent) [x4]

(hey!) aiiight! p-ssy n-gg- what! [x4]


[dj yola:]
yeah i don’t like you ’cause you a f-ck n-gg-
you little h-e ole duck n-gg- yeah ion like you
’cause you a b-tch (b-tch) you little snitch (you little smitch)
you ole f-ck n-gg- and ion fuss with you
’cause you on that other sh-t
yon f-ck with me
f-ck i’m on that gotta sh-t you know my stelo ion give a f-ck when
you see me my middle finger up i slap the taste out you mouth 4 talking side ways gonna introduce
you to my motherf-cking 12 gauge
hit ’em up
what’s up?
i don’t believe a sucker have sum pieces
little bad -ss n-gg- and no you
you don’t want to see me they say i’m crazy i like i’m with them demons
we drinking and smoking while in locin and we scramming
(yeah) at the temple hoe (yeah) at the temple b-tch [x2]


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