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lirik lagu don’t need you – ashanti

baby i don’t need you, but i want you so i got you
got you by my side when things ain’t going right
happy when i see you, but i need to keep it real with you
no relationships, i’m just tryna live

[verse 1:]
don’t wanna hurt n-body, let me tell you how i feel (tell you how i feel)
just wanna have somebody i can trust that knows the deal (trust that knows the deal)
don’t wanna make you mad telling you ’bout last night and how much fun i had
just because i’m not with you i don’t need your att-tude

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
the other day you asked why i came home late and who was i with (who was i with)
don’t get me wrong i know you care, but i can’t get down with all that questioning
ooohh i like spending time with you, but don’t get the wrong idea
don’t make me your priority cause this settle down now just ain’t me

[chorus x2]

boy don’t think i’m here trying to use you, try to confuse you
just so you know i care a lot about you, happy that i found you
let’s be clear on what we’re all about, you gotta figure out
if you want this we gotta know we ain’t forming no relationships

[chorus x2]

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