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lirik lagu don’t violate – three 6 mafia

“don’t violate”
(feat. frayser boy)

[intro] {how many, how many talk that sh-t} [repeated throughout the intro]
three 6 mafia
frayser boy
yeah, yeah it’s going down
you know what i’m sayin’?
a lot of times we use the word b-tch
that goes for n-gg-z and hoes
whoever violate, gettin’ faced wit’ that bullsh-t
here’s what you do

[hook: dj paul + (juicy j)]
put your foot up they -ss (what)
foot up they -ss (what)
if these b-tches actin’ bad
put your foot up they -ss (yep) [2x]
and tell that hoe (don’t violate me hoe, don’t violate) [4x]

[dj paul]
now n-gg-z man they try to copy the three 6 but they too sloppy
you boys is fakers, nothin’ but carbon copies
when we step up in the club, n-gg-z they play dead
’cause of raps and all that bullsh-t that they said
it ain’t nothin behind your mugs but some motherf-ckin’ hugs
y’all n-gg-z nicer than grandmas and f-ckin’ ladybugs
yall haters shakin’ like booties up in a strip club
i’ll cut your head off like al queda in this b-tch what!

[juicy j]
i aint playin’ wit’ you n-gg-z
i’ll put my hands on you n-gg-z
my foot will stand on you n-gg-z
i thought you knew we pull triggers
so why you testin’ me b-tches
you must be tryin’ to get st-tches
all on your forehead, you’re cold dead
for f-ckin’ wit’ pimpin’
i’ll take the back of a gun
hit you, you startin’ to run
split you wit’ two f-ckin’ halves
you mad runnin’ your tongue
i ain’t no hoe that be likin’
bustin’ and fightin’ and bitin’
i’m like a tennessee t-tan
tacklin’ and bringin’ the lightnin’ b-tch!


[crunchy black]
see i’m quick wit’ the pistols
shootin’, ain’t missin’
if i catch you slippin’ then i’m going to get you mister
i ain’t gon’ miss ya
i’ma go and split ya
no evidence, witnesses, no pictures
talk that sh-t bro
told you i’ma get ya
hit you in the head wit’ the tip of the pistol
yea’ i do it big, sh-t i’m playin’ wit’ your sister
like eskimos, leave you froze in a blizzard

[frayser boy]
pick his -ss up, drop him off on his last breath
f-ckin’ wit’ the hypnotize, you gon’ have a fast death
real n-gg-z, yeah we is, you can come and find out
frizzle’s on that bay, i can show you what my mind ’bout
three 6 got me on now i got to keep a tone
’cause they haters now my haters, if we have to beef it’s on
most of y’all been hoes, frayser boy’s ten toed
leave his -ss in the past n-gg- like nintendo, whoa


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