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lirik lagu don’t worry momma, it’s just bleeding – brotha lynch hung

“don’t worry momma, it’s just bleeding”

[brotha lynch hung:]
n-gg- i’m the siccest in the west, hit it in the chest, in a minute i’m rippin’ n-gg- like wet s-x.
your sentimental i get the the riddle n’ shoot tecs cut a n-gg- in half just like a duplex.
then all i ask is who’s next take a n-gg- and give a n-gg- a suplex.
coathangastrangla banging’ the deuce set, choaintstrangla[? ] name it in two blex.
it’s the season of the siccness time streets, hittin’ the venomous iv fulla white weed.
and my nine get a tight squeeze, and i’m a die with my d-ck in a tight breezy.
believe me i leadies, bodies are prolly gonna have my face on the tv.
i’m like jason in 3d, who in the game wanna see me.
i’m at the motherf-ckin’ teepee plottin’ and plannin’ while i’m wipin’ off d3.
fifty-seven i makin’ em go to heaven, one through seven i make em’ go see the reverend.
in a casket, n-gg-s get their ash ripped, razor blades and d-ld-s n-gg- that’s sicc.
f-ck around and get your hat split i’m on some tall cangee got my back sh-t.
it’ll get venomous sendin’ n-gg-s at me, i keep a russian ak in the back seat.
i get the guns from the back seat, brotha lynch hung he got the hacksaw cause he love to hack meat.
heat it, eat it, n’ leave it i even leavin’ em bleedin’ and feedin’ em and i’m a keep it that deep.
i stay hotter than the sack keep, one to the head then i smash like a track meet.

[chorus: x2]
don’t get too comfortable (don’t get to comfortable you might not stay might be leavin’)
don’t worry mamma it’s just bleedin’ (things’ll be fine if you just give it some time)

[krizz kaliko:]
now they got me on some supa’ dupa’ sicc sh-t, so i’m a cut up and stab the beat like a slab of meat with slick sh-t.
now now now i’m with the siccness and now i’m bludgulent with n-gg-s cousins and it’s so ridiclus[? ].
jugganaut now i’m planted with the ramblin’, i’m supa’ cede six seven
kill her with samplein’, and two of my beef t-ts cause kevin[? ] is a cannibal.
add me into the a team and i now i’m hannibal.
mechanical woe by the go hard and damage you with it, roll with killers and i gotta feel with it.
i got a musket and a pint of musketeil, when they find you they be like what’s the smell?
take him took his top off, pacific[? ] and popped off and we off’d him.
and cost him he soft by my boss and i (hey) took the coat hanga from lynch,
and i become the strangla of ya flinch leave her bleed quick.
[tech n9ne]
gimmie the choppa and i be hopped and ready to die let’s go, with it i popped and i see you droppin’ everyone in my retna.
send me the docter that got the medical for death row for the nurses who purposely hurt mamma with trilipono.
we told you motherf-ckers that she was allergic he heard her slurred and her pancreat-tis emerges.
now i got you runnin’ from curses and he-rs-s, cause you like it certainly because you deserve it.
two reminisces is pitiful thinkin’ they can get with mr. formidable hospitin’ your mental hospital the hospitable.
i’m not finished your thoughts are squashed dinner for harps your off limits and lost with chopped genitals.
i’m comin’ to get you with thunder though, seeing you suffer gonna be wonderful.
sick inside of me give you lobotomies time to undergo f-ckin’ with the ninna!

[chorus: x2]
don’t get too comfortable (don’t get to comfortable you might not stay might be leavin’)
don’t worry mamma it’s just bleedin’ (things’ll be fine if you just give it some time)

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