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lirik lagu donde esta la playa – walkmen


well, it’s back to the battle today.
but i wouldn’t have it any other way.
cause tonight we’ll be crazy as kooks.

i’m dancing, grooving. this lovely wooden floor.
the tom-toms are beating on. eyes are so sore.

there is still sand in my suitcase.
there is still salt in my teeth.

i kissed her in the window.
she covered up her face.
she’s pretty, sherry.
but i’m far, far too late.

someone said, man, let’s take a drive.
so here i am. so here i am.

i crashed up a party, nickels and dimes,
a handful of strangers, all friends of mine.

i know that you’re married, rings on your hand.
so i didn’t stay ’til the end.

i don’t need a christmas card.
you don’t need to write.
last christmas was black and blue, but this year is white.

the void repeats, repeats a sound so deep in my head.
goodnight. keep your shirt on. you can leave the way you came.

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