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lirik lagu don’t – anouk

no hurry, i’ll be waiting for you,
my baby, now don’t you worry,
i’ll be fine

just take your time,
to make up your mind
draw a line
or flip a dine
waiting for you

it’s easy, if you want to please me
don’t tel me maybe,
come back home complete me

no strings attached,
that’s a promise i can’t keep,
so i waist my time,
with lazy crazy dreaming,
a sparkling wine,
a twist of lime,
a whiskey soda, hole in time
when you’re not here

don’t say you’re sorry
don’t say it
don’say your sorry, aah, aah, nananananananana
no hurry babe, ’cause i’ll be waiting for you you
don’t you worry, i’ll be doing fine fine fine fine fiiiiiiiine

don’t say you’re sorry,
don’t say it,
don’t say you’re sorry, aah, aah, nananananananana…

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