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lirik lagu don’t deserve this – agent 59

i’m still wondering why you’re sitting here with me
and all the dumb things i do doesn’t seem to matter to you
and i love how everything i say’s is not stupid to you
and i love how you love me even thought i goof around

and when you wear your hair down you look so beautiful
i don’t know what to do
i think what i”m trying to say is that i love you
and i will never let you go

don’t deserve this, never will
but you seem to think different than i do

i’m still trying to understand why
this could be happening to a guy like me

and i will be the stupid boy who writes stupid songs in his room
on the guitar only to sing his guts out singing about you

i love just staring at you
your eyes they make me feel different inside
and i wish you could be the same
but i know i’m not much to look at

i know i’m not the best guy around
but you make me feel so d-mn special
and every time you’re near me it’s a dream come true
and i wanna keep on dreaming

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