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lirik lagu don’t go round with the jews – viking

don’t go round with the jews/ you don’t know which danger you’ll find/ on the rail of your life/ it’s so hard to change your direction once you are running// guy, don’t trust in the jews/ their ident-ty is not the face you see/ they show you what they want you to see/ and then you’re compelled to believe, you may not agree/ but you will never know the truth// don’t go round with the jews/ you should be afraid of their kind att-tude/ when you’re invited to a feast/ don’t expect to have fun, to be a guest respected and hailed// if you are lucky you only have to serve/ otherwise you’re an instrument to keep their hatred calm/ you have to keep the peace in their world/ and receive all their tensions, their apprehensions/ they don’t care if they humiliate you// don’t go round with the jews/ they use and discard you and use you and kill you slowly in your brain/ no, there will be no alliance/ i will never mix my lymph with the blood of the jews// being part of their system?/ no, i prefer a sorrowful death.// no, no, don’t go round with the jews/ reclaim you independence, reclaim your purity/ decode their system/ they’ll suck your blood, they’ll use your energy/ and the fear will lead you to agree/ they will destroy you…

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