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lirik lagu don’t you remember? – street bulldogs

don’t you remember? [x2]
you need somebody to help you
because it looks like you’re tired (you look like tired)
you lied too much to me (you lied so much to me)
how can i trust you again? (how can i trust you)
don’t you remember, once (one day) i showed you a positive way? [x2]
don’t you remember, remember! [x5]
yeah, yeah, yeah
you ask me when, you ask me where. you ask me why
how can i show [x2] it if you don’t want to see?
see with your own eyes that you’re saying (giving to/for) your life goodbye [x2]
look back and think, why are you tired? (you look like tired)
can losers like you (can) even think, how can i trust you?

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