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lirik lagu doom walker – bobaflex


warning, warning
the planet earth is under attack
run for your f-cking lives

now, now begins the invasion
stay in attack formation
blast every human in your sights
rape this planet for its life

i am the conqueror of your species
doomwalker, of the galaxy
i will destroy [4x]
i am from another planet
you will never understand it
we are a race that likes to acquire things

alien warlords come through a sp-ce warp
they swarm the cities and man is a refugee
last chance, five pilots, stealth fighters
armed with nukes to shoot the mother ship down

[2nd chorus]
fight! are you ready to fight?
die! are you ready to die?
here they come now!
rape this planet for its life

[repeat 1st chorus]

i can see your face in the clouds
so we moved deep, under the ground