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lirik lagu downpour – backstreet boys

i been walking around
inside a haze
between the lines of reason
hiding from the ghost
of yesterday
feels like i’m barely breathing

i-i wanna feel the rain again
i-i wanna feel the water on my skin< and let it all just wash away in a downpour i wanna feel the rain na na na na feel the rain na na na na[howie:] i've been losin days the shades pulled down i still can't face the sun[nick:] but i-i'm goin crazy i can't stay here i've gone completely numb i just wanna need someone[repeat chorus][aj:] oh no i thought you were the only one girl but now i think i was wrong cause life goes on na na na na na...[brian:] i've been walking around inside a haze[nick:] oh i...[repeat chorus][nick:] in a downpour feel the rain feel the rain[aj:] i wanna feel the rain

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