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lirik lagu downward spiral of morbidity – dead congregation

sinister, unsacred
from ruptured veins flow the names
mortality untwined
blood-written texts unleash the untamed

howling p-ssage pours from the open wound
awakening the flesh form of chaos
a million eyes forced ajar
enraged by their disturbed slumber

planar invocation, a rift reveals abominations
hideous deformities, marching legion summoned forth
revelling in suffering; sentries wail upon rebirth
cold moon dawns a time of death, as horrid souls wake from their rest

angry forces bring darkness to the daylight sky
monstrous armies summoned by scriptures and sacrifice
thirst for life-blood builds in their empty insides
bodies she’d their skin as they prepare to die

rumble of attacking soldiers; hordes of beasts arrive
hateful legions born to conquer, enemies arise

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