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lirik lagu drag me down – trace the follower


i can’t see, i can’t feel
i can’t hear myself scream
i can’t remember how it’s supposed to be

i found myself ten thousand miles from the sky
i can’t believe i am not standing on home sacred ground
where is my “i feel alive”

my words are broken

oblivion kept dragging me down
dragging me down
oblivion kept dragging me down
dragging me down

what is common ground
what’s the story to tell
when we all stare, at the abyss
what’s the reason?

keep breathing, keep standing
the air is filled with the smell of longing
longing for home
but it all stand still

i believe i’m not the only one
who wants a second chance

and now it all comes to an end
it seems as we are back
it has come to an end

every night a light comes to my dream
and it carries me with wings
wings that break when i wake up
how can it be so hard to have faith in yourself
and remain as the ruler
from what i see, it’s over

there is only a single shred of humanity left within me
i am starting to get the feeling
that things are turning hollow
that the depths we walk
are turning against us