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lirik lagu drag the sunrise down – rooster

wanna bes and gonnas be
is this the day that youre gonna seize
or maybe just sit around waiting for that call
time is cheap but it aint free
let another day just fall through me
winding up staring at the wall

feel the motion, cos your head is spinning like a top
taste the ocean, cos the flavours there in every drop

you told me that all of your angels and demons
are constantly kicking and fighting and screaming
theres no light, and theres no sound,
bet you wanna drag the sunrise down
you tell me it feels like you’re running in circles
and all the time they keep raising the hurdles
out of sight, and under ground
youre dreaming youre gonna drag the sunrise down

you know the light can hypnotise
so shut it out and close your eyes
youre paranoid, cant avoid, living in denial
you curse the sun it fills the sky,
spiralling down as it p-sses by
dreaming and schemin and sinkin in the night



time is on your side
you hide behind the tainted smile
but its there deeo in your eyes
drop the blade and look inside
only you can find the light


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