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lirik lagu dream big – jazmine sullivan

[verse 1:]
packing up my shh and i’m going real far
going off to hollywood to be a big star
there’s nothing here for me so i gotta move fast
and i’m getting on the road and will never look back (hey)

i gotta dream big (dream big) cause when it happen it’s gon’ happen real quick (yes i feel it, i gotta)
i gotta move fast cause when it happen i can’t let it move past (only get one chance)

[verse 2:]
can’t spend another second sitting on my mama’s couch
so if i don’t take a chance i won’t ever get out
some people talk but never do they just running they mouth
but i mean just what i say and i’m a show them about yeah


when it feel like you been waiting all your life for the second
you’ll be a fool to just let it past so go and get it
no matter near or far, to the moon, the stars
i’ll do whatever i need to follow my dream


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