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lirik lagu dreamer – carl thomas

[verse 1:]
as used to love to dream out loud,
stand in the middle of an open crowd.
and everybody would see me,
but i was just a little project child.
and i was just a dreamer (just a dreamer)
as a began to reach my teens,
responsiblitiy was far it seemed.
my hear i really want to sing
and i gave my heart to dreamin

[chorus: x2]
when i see you, i wanna thank you
just let me shake your hand
tell you i appreciate ya
just for this chance

[verse 2:]
now everybody know’s my name
my nights are famous but my days the same
you may not no this but it’s real
cuz that’s exactly how you make me feel everyday i’m dreamin
o, tell me what i can do
cuz i can always find a way to prove
that you can always count on me
even though i lie awake a dream


[verse 3:]
i’m here becuase you got me through
made me understand those thing that i couldn’t do
and i’ll show you my love to make you see
everything i have without ya it would never be


o girl… ooo girl… ooooo when i see you… when i see you… i wanna thank you

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