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lirik lagu drop – chantelle paige

danger danger danger…
ahh… chantelle, chantelle… yea

you wish if only
you could claim me like a trophy
like i’m your one & only

sorry it’s not working on me
i’m so cool
can’t blame me for what you do

by the way that i’m grinding on you
i can tell that you want me
want me to want you too… ohh

you are not ready for
and i am sure
the way i move
leaves you wanting me more {hey! }

oh there you go falling in love
please i’m not dumb, what you take me for?

when i pull up
to the front of the club in my honda {drop}
go dj, so hot, you making me wanna {drop}
the way i do it do it {ahh}
make it {drop} i’m a {drop}
wanna give it to me cause cause i’m hot
betcha it’s the drop

it not that you ain’t s-xy
cause you almost too dang s-xy {aha}
and the moves you putting on me
yea, you really pushing on me
but i’m cool, i’m just here to dance with you
you ain’t getting me fooled
i know that you want me
and i’ve been wanting you {uhh}

you wanna be my boyfriend [repeat]
wanna take me home with you [repeat]
cause if you are my boyfriend [repeat]
you think that i would give it to you
mmh hahaha (yeah right)

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