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lirik lagu drop it – werd n deeko

forever writing enlighten the night like thunder and lightning
and crashing and striking on these rappers to break them like hymens
stop wasting our time so what you can write but you could never rhyme it
don’t tell me your freestyle is i’ll cause a’l need it in writing
you saw a movie and thought the hero was deeply inspiring
and told the world you were like him cause you fiend for excitement
you stay hungry stay biting
you suffer from a personality crisis you want to be like us
a don’t sleep walk but i sleep rhyme
wake up in the middle of the night mid way through a punch line
get out of my bed write it down if it’s deep
so don’t think am lying when i say i do this in my sleep
a had dreams of f-cking a hip hop honey
but that’s for later
right now a concentrate on getting money wanting paper
but not these f-cking a4 sheets
a want so much of it i can call bill gates cheap
this is our mixtape chief you just looking terrorized
like a bus driver a teacher still in columbine
allot of things are on my mind
moneys the main thing
want to be a rapper saying look how my chain bling
instead am stuck underground like a train
saying i feel rich when i say rhymes
but that’s not the same thing

and while this earth is rotating
look up in the sky this is a star in the making

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