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lirik lagu drop out – christ on parade

if you try to live your life someone always gets in your way
telling you all sorts of lies – never let you have your say
i don’t love their modern world – prisoner of their technology
it’s already wasted too much of my time and left me –

used and abused for so long
when i’ve done nothing wrong
objected to serve the state
rejected for my refusal to hate

once i trusted authority – listened in all innocence
seeing how life really is – i knew it didn’t make sense
twist your mind with school to accept what they call truth
this screwed society i’m stuck in has left me –

feed you a thousand words like liberty and democracy
their meaning has been lost through all the hypocrisy
our leaders say so much sh-t – why won’t they let me be
i don’t love their modern world – it’s left me –

why is everyone so uptight? years of learning to act right
to play the game like a fool, to live your life by established rules
someone decides if you’re successful, someone decides if you’re happy
don’t play some f-cker’s game of win or lose
it’s your life – the decision’s yours to choose

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