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lirik lagu dungeons of abraxus – born headless

torment… through his childhood
sadist… born and bred
beaten… lacking reason
submission… wearing thin
hatred… seeping through the
clenched teeth… desperate

feed on the hands that
feed him…
turns to the darkness to
free him…
draw him to the flames and
brand him…
he is now one with his own which can’t survive
souls of the weak, it needs to thrive
emerged from the pup of inner fire
to kill without the
limits of humanity
fear of decay in mortality
bathing in the blood bore of its fists
embracing the subconsciousness

underneath its husk he lies dormant
watching the beast devour his foes
increased hunger with the flow of the blood
raping the soul torn from its sh-ll

feel the warmth flow down its throat
the flesh collapse beneath its grasp
bind their soul to its own
chained within its dungeon
unhinged rage in primal form
exacted on ignorance
consumed by the seeds they’d sewn
cloven bodies internally wrung

rend apart one by one
lives of innocent ignorance

greater… now is his knowledge of
pain… all now fall under his
gaze…knows not a limit to
l-st… disciple of darkness

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