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lirik lagu early morning getaway – tristan omand


think it was a dark and broken, graveyard night
the fog was thick, and the moon was bright
i was running for my life to save my hide

feeling half drunk, and barely alive
a barbed wire fence wound on my side
and my heart it was pounding, right outta my chest

but i ran and ran, and jumped and rolled
i could feel the blood, i could feel the cold
i was all alone and on the run
i was waiting on the morning sun
it was nearly there

saw a distant light in a cattle barn
ripped the cotton sleeve right off my arm
and tied it ‘round the bullet wound on my leg
i hollered at the moon and stars-
“i cannot reside behind bars,
i’ll leave this world before i leave in cuffs.”

i could see the lanterns, i could hear the hounds
tresp-ssing on a burial ground
then a ghost rose up and scared my captors,
i fell to the ground with maniacal laughter
i was home free!

then i got up and kept on running,
i could hear that plymouth sunbeam hummin’
let’s go darling

and before i got in the p-ssenger’s seat
i had a moment of clarity right there standing on my feet
that all of this will be alright some day