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lirik lagu early retirement – mac dre

[verse 1:]
i’m doper than a bobby brown p-ss test
b-tches blow me till they ain’t got no spit left
do it movin’ cause slow n-gg-z get left
get left and miss the game like a sick ref
a quick left and a overhand right
a fat .44, some doja and a mic
are my weapons, of m-ss destruction
and detectives know not to ask me nothin’
i’m solid, i might speak the garlic
drink dirty martinis with the spanish olive
garlic and cheese on my french bread
swallow it please when i get head
i’m pimp fed, girls feed me well
never would they let the world see me fail
they bring me mail, like i’m a mailbox
a pimp with no gators, air force and sh-ll tops

[beat bridge]

[verse 2:]
back in the day i used to need the knots
posted at the spot i used to bleed the block
servin’ weed and rocks often even hop
never leavin’ the spot, wouldn’t even leave for cot
if i needed some cot i made hutch come through
go deep when she bend over, hut 1-2
what you wan do with rude boy like me
quick to come through with crew so hyphy
if she don’t like me she must be a lesbo
i get it nightly, man that’s my schedule
dre bledsoe, i’m the quarterback
whatever cost the most, i’m a order that
across the border strapped my ese’s
come through with fluff from peru
i come from a crew
of cutthoats, bank robbers, and dope dealers
it’s business with us n-gg- get out yo feelin’s
get out yo scrillin’s, live like a king
take the top off the heem, pop you a thing
i don’t buss them in half, it leave a nasty taste
i swallow them hole, and get the thizz face
it’s laced, with nathin’ but game
i steal them from n-gg-z, that be cuffin’ they dame
i’m f-ckin’ his main, while he gettin’ his grind on
get bossed, get costed, get paid than i’m gone
my tone, is loud sometimes
i scream at a b-tch, like she a crowd sometimes
tell her a thousand times, hoe goe make it happen
it consequences, if she don’t make it happen
i’m trying to find them b-tches, that’s dough paper havin’
only into one thing that’s more paper havin’
you no paper havin’, n-gg-z is bootsy
all at the function in that chinamen gucci
tryin’ to coochie, you wine and dine chicks
goin’ for it, fallin’ for mind tricks
i tryin’ to find chicks, that know the requirements
and works towards a pimp’s early retirement

[beat bridge]

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