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lirik lagu early wedding present – the promise drive

i might as well just leave this town
just let me take one last breath of your perfume
it’s clear to see that you’re in love
and i know it’s not with me
i asked you not to leave me

can you honestly say that you’re over me
if you are i will walk out your front door
please don’t leave me
i told you that i’d try but i swear i never promised
standing, in your driveway, alone

in the chapel on your wedding day
the sun shines on your pretty face through a stained gl-ss window
in this wooden pew i’ll fake a smile
as i watch you walk down the aisle in your white dress

it could have been nine minus five years of high school i wasted
three years of worry and wonder i waited for you
i can’t accept it’s over, it’s not
until you say “i do” and i’d ask you not to

i guess that i should call you
and i guess that i should write you
but now it’s too late to say “i’m sorry”
but i know you’ll have a perfect life with him
and you’ll be happy if he loves you half as much as i do

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