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lirik lagu elevator – fkna


[verse: mynameiskyle]

handshakes contraband in my hand
handin’ out grams and xans to the land
hopped out the game after made my first grand
kept all my clams spent some for the clan

grabbed new balances and neck candy
over half in the bank rest for addy
on a new grind for the new caddy
it’s a new time for chewin’ up beats

send something back to boys at home
it’s facts they get racks to hop out the tomb
females stay blowin’ up my cellular phone
i don’t care cause the tracks be callin’ me too

take you out and your girl to dinner for two
it’s the work or the women, you got one to choose
no bluffin’ call my hand i’ll make you fold too
money motivated i got everything to lose

[verse: ant–zy]

really think you wanna step to me?
you know what it bout to be, there’s no begging please
really, you think i don’t got the heat
to flip round the cards, straight flush, defeat

pull up right quick, can you hear the skrrt
reaching the top, still put down the hurt
i’m a flame you don’t wanna fan
can’t put me out, don’t f-ck with the fam

only one thing that i desire
always chase never retire
stop a bit for a lil’ cipher
spit out the heat and bring out the fire

don’t mess up the vibe, the demon you’ll find that’s hiding inside ain’t pretty as i
f-ck with the fire, no need for a lighter
heat up the beat and then smoke out all the liars

[verse: frhetoric]

aye, woah

i’m stacking paper left and right
you can see the potent beaming from my purple shaded eyes
even when i’m in a daze i’m always right
i never let a pay check slip cause a girls deceiving lies

everytime i’m in the hood i gotta part the bread like
jesus on the scene and there’s no doubt i see judas
got the midas touch, they jealous tryna chew us
even before the rapping there existed a hustling juvenile checking off goals like

when i smashed that ten, under the sheets
feeling pretty mean
and yeah i got a lisp

but the foreigns i be pulling really
got ya’ll on the epidermis ha
i’m just trolin’
i’m really with the sh-ts

i’m really tryna ball
i’m never gonna stop until i get it all
the whole world is mine