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lirik lagu elysian – far west battlefront


we are sentenced to the stars
with smirking hope and a face full of scars
we run reckless divine course to the church of remorse
from faith we divorce

and we rage for days and days
cause’ we thought if we screw we’d get through and sway
forget the things we say and the lines we rehe-rs-d
our empty he-rs-

cause’ the years they take dreams away
that we plot and we try to make true some day
regret the things we say and the fields we traverse
blue neck curse

stare at me with the broken face of the moon
the light of the stars glow with such saturnine
the wind speaks in strange languages
which only those who know will understand
the broken face of the moon graces me with its presence
this ritual has gone on far too long and i’m ready to see

i have wandered this holy sanctum
and there is nothing to be found
what a foolish notion to put yourself
in such careless hands
by what right do you have to take this from me
time will come and this will p-ss
until frost is all that remains
show me what lies beneath
and i’ll give your t-tle to every star i gaze upon

eternally with me in a tomb of sp-ce