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lirik lagu embalming maggotized aborticide (obscure perspectives of forensic entomology) – cenotaph


incidental killing of a fetus due to a psychos-xual
unhuman act
systematic torture trauma
homicidal bizarre abortion
ejection of the embryo
gorging on pus fluid and v-g-n-l-secretions
molestation causing severe pain or anguish.
-j-c-l-te the mutilation
cytogenetic inherited limphome
soaking in intestines
mouldered viscara
integrity of dead tissues
she regurgitates the blood
abandon the infant
gutted innards lypmhatic beyond suffering
deformated cystis disembowelment
carbonated gastric stew
cranium explodes with diarrheal sepsis
forensic entomology
performing the asphyxiated infant autopsy
abhorrent womb intoxication
organism live by feeding on dead embryo
grusome atrocity accelerating the oxidation process
spastic contraction of the sphincter muscles of the
cadaverous anorectal sadism
dislocated ectoderma during c-nt fenestration
castrated the stillborn
fixation on intrav-g-n-l deformation
removing vital organs individually
puked into horrid defilement
obscure hypnosis of forensic entomology