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lirik lagu england uprise – nizlopi

(feat. ben zephaniah)

it’s like this,
if you don’t get up, they’ will keep us down
from the moment you are born, they put a number on you
they will tell you what to eat after they have modified it
they will tell you how to dress after they have designed it
they will tell you where to live, and how to live
they will control your lives

but there is an alternative
we can rise up and take control of our lives
we who live here in this england
can use our soil to provide our food
we can make clothes from hemp
we can byp-ss the blood-sucking corporate machine
and live in love and unity in ã‚‘dis time

we can do dis’
unite my people

england up rise
england up rise
unite tonight
england up rise!

no more to tony blair and neo-liberalism
no more of us slaving for global capitalism
no more denying the beauty of who you really are
no more wars for oil
f-ck the mainstream media

no to monsanto nestle and factory farming
no more to trident and nuclear re-arming
no more expanding on aviation and on roads
no more to these old death giving modes

yes to the beatles and to george monbiot
yes to fdm and to gary dunne’s live shows
yes to woofing and the festival scene
and yes to the brave youth who build all our dreams!
yes to solidarity and internationalism

tom paine, george orwell, spiritual activism
yes to rory mcleod rambling through woods
and to all you people whom from injustice make good!

england up rise
everyone up rise
time to overcome
everyone up rise!

we can change it for everyone
our generation can be the sun
love is revolution, you don’t need a gun
make it happen together as one
cos love is just like oxygen
don’t let our people get overrun

all people, all life under the sun
make it happen,
what do we want to become?
everyone, everyone com’on

people up rise
everyone up rise
unite tonight
love up rise

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