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lirik lagu entity of extinction – brain drill

unknown beings glancing to the sky-
unaware of their existence, of what, when or why
a green light above shifting and changing
sinking through the earth, history rearranging
quickly habitations are melting and burning
eternal force of death glowing and turning
heat hits their flesh while melting their brains
growing into decimation
ent-ty of extinction
twitching, convulsing, no time to decay
veins quickly rupture, every orifice leaking
radiation extinction, eradication is reeking
viscera liquefied, spewing out bile
splintered bones fall to a disintegrated pile
p-ssing through the core, no stopping all the killing force
wiping out all life forms
no senses, no remorse
ent-ty forever travelling through sp-ce
wiping out all life forms
no senses, no remorse
easily erasing at a lightning fast pace
a planet once living now black and dead
death will continue for what lies ahead

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