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lirik lagu envy – armored saint

i see you hand in hand
with my worst enemy
i can’t show the anger
that i feel or the jealousy

about all i can do is watch
and wish that he hadn’t caught
what i had my hands almost on
but now i’m so far gone

envy i feel, envy i feel, envy i feel

i could end things really quick
with a bullet right to his head
but she was the one who left me
so i should get you both instead

but would i really be glad
to know i gave her the sack
and be in prison for life
over foolish spite

envy i feel, envy i feel
envy i feel, no
envy i feel, envy i feel
envy i feel

it’s a waste envy i feel
to live with such haste envy i feel
for just a pretty face envy i feel
no more

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