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lirik lagu erishment: bringer of purity – ostitto

utter disgust for the bringer of genocide
for those who thought freedom is forever
forbidden for this nation…
glorifying their masters,
putrefying humanity…
mercilessly they have killed
countless innocents

they left our ancestors defenseless
on the vicious warfare,
potraited the realm of war upon us
still from the ashes of endless
sacrifices, destructions,
excruciations, genocide…
the nation rose to revolt…
mighty martyrs resurrect
to defend their land of honor…
engraved the enemies into defeat
ambushed the blind dogs of state
on the way towards freedom
still the creatures of disgust
exists among us…

now it’s our time
to -ss-ssinate them all
we are the new age avenger
disciples of our wrath
navigator of our sword
slaying traitors with no remorse
remnants of the slaughtered
power hungry dehumanised creatures

shall restore justice
perishment shall bring purity
upon this land…

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