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lirik lagu eternity – disciple


[verse 1]
all that is behind me, this mess of life
where out of nothing came a beautiful design [1 corinthians 1:26-28]
know that i’ve had but a taste of a deathless wine [matthew 26:27-28]
so i give up the flame to the hands beside
and i’ll be waiting

where the desert is covered in roses [isaiah 35:1]
where i can outshine the stars in a single day [1 john 2:25]
the face of god isn’t hidden [revelation 22:4]
when i wake into eternity [1 corinthians 15:51-53]

where the shadows are never discovered [revelation 22:5]
tears are nothing more than a memory [revelation 21:4]
death isn’t alive any longer [revelation 20:14]
when i wake into eternity

[verse 2]
now i know i see it in your eyes
you knew at some point that we’d have to say goodbye [hebrews 9:27]
i looked for this moment for all my life
to be caught away in the arms of god [philippians 1:23]
and i’ll be waiting

when i awake i’ll see your face
when i awake i’ll see your face [revelation 22:4]

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