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lirik lagu eve drive – kill your idols


what’s next, what’s the right way to go? sometimes it’s better just to go with the flow. is part of growing up to take your abuse? is it mature just to let myself lose? you and me never see eye to eye, sometimes i want to fight, sometimes i want to cry. how much longer can i take this pain? there’s nothing good, gotten from this strain. i’m bending, bending, i’m gonna break. how much of this can one person take? it seems irrational, but i just want to kill. it seems like making me suffer is how you get your thrills. i’m the black sheep that you’re pushing aside. what are you afraid of, what is there to hide? what makes me different then the people you see? what is so wrong with just being me? the time has come to leave this behind all of this fighting’s just a waste of time. we could make it work out if we tried. when will you realize your problems’ not mine. over.