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lirik lagu every cloud has a silver lining – euphoreon

the flame is gone, but i no longer feel the cold-
no greater meaning than death
another step too far in life
open your eyes and see
it’s not the way it’s meant to be
clouded by hypocrisy
where is the silver lining
as the seas begin to rise
we question what’s the point in life
i’ll trust a fate so insecure
i’ll face the world no more
we’re told what we can not believe
whatever’s meant to be will be
through blackest eyes
every cloud has a silver line
bad luck kiss me again
afraid to live another day
when worlds collide they say
every cloud has a silver line
take me away, to a barren place
where i can be free, and see the stars shining bright
is this the place where true dreams come alive
beyond the realms of fantasy and fallen light
clear the skies, the stars be my guide
on broken wings, we’ll fly into another life
we try to pretend that everything makes sense
we’re all a lie, missing in this maze of time
constantly we bring ourselves undone
from fear of what we have become
gracious we are not
succ-mbed to everlasting greed
we rue the chances missed
the goals we never cared to reach
believing there’s a better way
will always end in vain
we’re told what we should not believe
we’ll see what we want to see
in darkest skies
every cloud has a silver line
my eyes led me astray
afraid to see another day
before the blackened sky
every cloud had a silver line

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