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lirik lagu every day and night – arlekin


when the night is lonely i just want to see your eyes
i try to go somewhere all alone inside again
i walk into the city many miles away from you
i’ll be on this road forever, every night and day

you know each day i try close my eyes to find a place
where dreams will last forever like this road will never end
you said i didn’t try and it’s true i never have whatever comes along my way, i will never change

every day and night i will keep you in my heart
you know i’ve never said goodbye
and every where i go just remember i will try to live my dreams before they die … every day and night

now it’s getting dark and this place is still alive
i think i’ll try again throw the dice to find my way i’ve seen so many faces every time i take the stage
tonight i’ll sing this song for you, ’cause you know it’s true