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lirik lagu every little kiss – smokie


understand what you mean to me
my growing hunger for your love
i haven’t always shown the way i feel
a crime i know i’m guilty of
but try to understand
it’s taken me so long to free my mind
to open up to all this love you have to give

with every little kiss
you release the love in me
with every little kiss
i give in as helplessly
no i never knew what love was about until you
showed me how to feel
with every little kiss

i will be your fantasy
every desire that you dream of
i’ll be your shining knight
i’ll be your romeo, your guiding light
you hold the key to all the love that’s locked inside


with every little kiss…

there are times we touch
i feel the beatin’ of your heart
touch me darlin’ with your warm caress
every breath we take brings us to a higher love
say we’ll be forever girl
with every little kiss