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lirik lagu every time i breathe – big daddy weave

i am sure all of heaven’s heard me cry
as i tell you all the reasons why
this life is just too hard

but day by day
without fail
i’m finding everything i need
and everything that you are
to me

every time i breathe you seem a little bit closer
i never want to leave
i want to stay in your warm embrace
oh basking in the glory shining from your face
and every time i get another glimpse of your heart
i realize it’s true
that you are so marvelous god
and i am so in love with you

now how could i after knowing one so great
respond to you in any way
that’s less than all i have to give
but by your grace i want to love you not with what
i say
but everyday
in a way that my life is lived


wrapped in your mercy i want to live and never leave
i am held by how humble
yet overwhelmed by your majesty
captured by grace and now i’m finding
i am free
you are marvelous god
and knowing you is everything

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