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lirik lagu everything to everyone – system syn

is it in your eyes or in your heart
in your voice or in your brain
in the words you said to me
or am i drowning in the rain that is your wake
the water curls around my neck
choking me so i can see
this everything in it’s totality
i feel the sand beneath my hands
i’m digging holes in ocean floors
of metaphors scratched out on skin
stop breathing and i’ll pull you in
to burning words in whispered ears
to chemicals to drown your fears
so sterile in your crown of th-rns
one tragedy and you’re reborn
i want to be everything to everyone
i know you don’t understand
this isn’t who you think i am
who do you think i am
please hear me through one last time
i can’t say that you should
but you don’t have to speak
your reply is understood
if you every had dreamed
that all this would unfold
in the act we call life
in the morals we’ve sold
would you do it again
just to feel and to breath
would you be here my friend
would you wish this on me

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