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lirik lagu everything’s a song (to me) – morning glory


dictate to me, in alchemy
the lyrical repose
don’t cheat me with soliloquy
i hear poetry in prose
o’ ere they go, o how they fall-
the words upon my ears
the sentences and phrases all around
i overhear


sometimes i hope to anger you
the words you spit at me
the vociferous louder the scream
all i hear’s poetry
the inspiration’s in the conversation
like the one where you said “so long”
so be careful what you say to me
it could end up a song
“stop the bus and let me off” [metal]
-that’s a song
“all my friends are drunks” [skruff]
-that’s a song
“i have to enter the ufo!” [alien]
-that’s a song
f-ck ya, that’s a song!


all our plans and empires ashen
all our songs will remain unsung
sing to me these choruses say
like a child’s prayer we all say yeah