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lirik lagu evil deeds – andrew kelley


pockets fat like the good year blimp
hollow heads is sterilized in peroxide, waiting for you
f-ggot n-gg-s to jump off, your bullsh-t throne
so i can offer you a tummy tuck
see your stomach is stapled, it’s on
it’s dangerous down my alley, dog
it’s like the halls and i’m out it, dog
hear the shanks scratching the gate?
see the god tone standing here for dolo, give you an ’89 whooping
leave your body looking like you was raped
and don’t ever come at me sideways, hands in your pocket
’cause i will turn to steven segal, rip your arm out your socket
y’all little n-gg-s watch it, i do this for free
knocking rappers out, trust me, over a clown, i’m not here to make a profit
n-gg-, if this was the arts, it be the best kung fu
and i’m tone yao chin, serving y’all wonton soup
i do sh-t like disarm a group, drink a 40 with him
and tell y’all n-gg-s stay the f-ck out my loot

my nina, my nine-ah, medina, marauder
sabrina, discard her, redeem her for allah
supreme architecture, the beat spark connector
inject in my serum, infiltrate in your sector

bobby steels keep steels concealed, be still
leave you fifty shot banana clips with free refills
guns bursting, one person is curtains for certain
most often fill coffins, no nursing or surgeons
is needed, blood depleted, your body deleted
like unsaved wav files, no way to retrieve it
best believe it, tall, slender the cat
i remember that my moms put gunpowder inside my similac
my brain is untamed, some claim that son is strange
’cause in my bas-m-nt i keep studios in gun ranges
plus i got more cheese than sicily
pizzeria rotisserie, burn mc’s out they misery