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lirik lagu expanding the massacre – cease of breeding

this will never end until everyone stops breathing
we start all over again
our killing streak continues, a desire for rotten meat, a desire for melted
we never stopped gathering your heads for trophies
to put them where anyone can see what we can do
we never felt sick in front of disemboweled carc-sses
instead of this, we embraced it
we learned to worship this work of art that’s gracefully been given to us, this
art that we made
we inhale the foul smell of the decomposed body
we dominate the weak soul, we fulfill our primitive desires
we love this madness
we are keeping the tradition
we are spreading the disease
we are expanding the m-ssacre

we obey our cause
feeding our hunger with flesh
sucking the existence of those b-st-rds who opposed us
we will never stop
we are expanding the m-ssacre

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