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lirik lagu experiment earth – citizen fish

a zillion miles into the sp-ce
is a very very very big telescopic lens
someone labelled ‘alien’ is looking at this place
checking out experimental women and men

several million years ago
they planted human beings on a planet called earth
and sent a few biologists to make sure we would grow
who ended up in spielberg films, or crucified, or worse

lost and lost of time went past
till what we know as ‘recently’ was when it all went wrong
technology ran the human race
the humans finished last
they were spending less on medicine and more and more on bombs

the layers in the atmosphere were open wide
and no-one out in outer sp-ce liked what they saw inside
animals in slavery where forests used to be
starving people eating hamburgers and catching hearth disease

what to do with the toxic waste?
the ocean floor is filling up and those drums rust away
“we could try dumping all this rubbish in outer sp-ce”
but the aliens were listening to everything we say

a zillion miles into outer sp-ce
is a very very very big telescopic lens
and when an alien experiment starts messing up the place
it is left to self-destruction, clear the mess and start again
clear the mess!
start again!
experiment earth
experiment earth
clear the mess!
start again!

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