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lirik lagu extinction aftermath – jack slater


human aftermath-

acid winds pierce my lungs
my eyes burn bright
when i stumble upon the dirt of ages

avert my sight and wither the memories of once was good
finally releasing me from imperfect flesh

hooray for the collapse of civilization
crying, mourning and dying

mourning and dying

cessation aftermath
oblivion aftermath
termination aftermath
extinction aftermath

the lucky ones are those who died
without ever knowing what ended their life
we are the ones paying the price
surviving at first but left to die

the lucky ones are those who died
constant pain
narrowing my motions, blinding my sight
obfuscating my soul

radiated men eat the flesh of radiated men
fingers reach to an unresponsive god

deranged last words of a dying breed

when the dust settles
nothing will remain
when the last man dies
we are no more

extinction aftermath

we end