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lirik lagu extraordinary – morning glory


when johnny was a little kid
he always did what he did
not because of anyone
just cause he was having fun
every sky was an untold story
every morning was filled with glory
i was made for it & it was made for me

when he got a little older
johnny got a little bolder
he told his mother off
but he got the revolution cough
he was the school bully
takin’ others lunch money
even sabotaging the school play

do something that’s great
time will never wait
now’s the chance to say
life is gonna be extraordinary

now he was an adolescant
but his mind was pre-p-b-sant
he armed himself to the teeth
started shooting people he’d meet
he was a rebel proud
he adourned a starry shroud
“bombs burst in the air”
he screamed so loud

then one morning america woke
and he found he was the world’s joke
he jumped to get his gun
but the world did not run
johnny, johnny it’s so true
what are you gonna do?
when the world decides
that it ain’t gonna take anymore sh-t from you

why do you do what you do?
the world it bleeds for you