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lirik lagu facing the truth – skagarack

finally things are getting clear for me
i can see we were never meant to be.

i can’t deny the feeling, the feeling comin’ on
the love we had between us seems to be gone.

i’m confused, tthere’s a million thoughts in me
it can’t be true, oh i’ve known you for so long.

i know that i still need you, but in a different way
the love we had between us faded away.

facing the truth, took me so long to find out
facing the truth, must have been blind, i could not see
what about you?you know somehow i think that
you feel the same.
facing the truth isn’t easy to do with a woman like you.

and now i feel there’s shadow ‘cross my heart
can’t you see? oh it’s tearing me apart.

i thought we had things going, i believed in every way
but now i realise love’s gone astay.


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