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lirik lagu fade away – four piece


flash back memories
i know i’d say it all
i know i’d say it all, say it all to you
pull me out in bed
i know you’ve search for me
i know you’ve search for me
search for me today

you will never there
i’ve heard you make mistake
but still i’ve stayed

i’m not be leaving you
i know i’ll never wanted it to end
tomorrows another day
oh babe don’t fade away
i know in the end your still
my friend

washed away
all day long, i’m guided by you
it was never easy to understand how i feel
but i’m still
still apart of you in me

save the time
reading all the line’s
it was all endured by time oh

oh now’s the time
to think all the line’s
i’d better say i’m sorry
i’ll never leaving you, it is all
might just go on, go on
and live for another day