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lirik lagu faded – viking

hey, baby, you are great today/ i wanna touch you and see myself reflex in your blue eyes/ you know, your hair lights all this grey room/ you make me feel outside, outside there is a northern sky// faded, please keep on crying/ you’re like the rain when there’s the sun, too/ fade, please keep on listening/ and never say that you are ugly, no/ you are the only thing that i like/ when i see your eyes i feel like flying/ i will always give you respect/ and i’ll stay with you// you represent the aryan race/ with your kind white face/ you’re made to walk through stockholm’s streets/ and get the power that the trolls give/ no, you don’t need lens or colour on your blond hair/ you are faded, everybody wants to be like you// you can paint my days, you can paint my life

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