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lirik lagu fairytales – agent 59

i see the sorrow on your face
the tears start crushing down upon me
i don’t know what to do
and it gets harder every day
to make the decision and be ok
why is love so blind

then i figure out that i don’t belong
then i wonder why i dream so wrong
and i don’t wanna be the one who never finds love and dies unhappy
and i don’t wanna be the one who stays at home all day and plays backgammon

don’t be gone too long, my dreams are all i have
now i’m stuck with nothing but clothes on my back
you say life will come again i think not
i already missed my chance and now i’m dead

don’t you ever underestimate my luck
one of these days i’m gonna make you see me
then life will be so grand deep in a fairytale
along with my poison apple

and i don’t want your sympathy
i don’t need your sympathy

i don’t belong in this dream world
i don’t belong in your arms either

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