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lirik lagu faith within – conquest

so many ways that i have walked,
river of blood, where i was soaked
i feel make me going mad.
all stupid rules that i’ve once broken,
crawling in dust getting the strokes
know that never will come back.

who told that the world is dead?
don’t make all us sad.

no more suffocation and tears,
i’m about to get rid of my fears.
no way for the sorrow and doubt,
whether to lose or win think about.
get close to the end of your rope,
it will never complain with a dope.
broken you will stumble and fall,
but you’ve got to be reaching your goal.

gone into sin once may come back.
strongly resist devil’s attack.
only when the powers in
fate loves the brave and kills the weak
fortune’s a game and she is sick
you must feel your faith within

who told that the world is dead
don’t make all us sad

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