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lirik lagu fall back – fabolous

“fall back”

{“it’s gangsta grillz you b-st-rds!”}
{“gangsta grizzill!!”} watch this

hey yo ain’t nuttin changed but the leaves on the trees
and y’all comin short like the sleeves on the tees
the money long here like a weave to your knees
so i don’t just stunt man, i leave with the breeze
and i don’t just front man, i back it up
i’m so cool you might wanna zip your jacket up
i breeze through, bullsh-t, i sees through
with the snub nosed three-eight, bullets just squeeze through
chah, and he’s through, just like autumn
when n-gg-z slip and they fall, guess who caught ’em?
f-ck it! kill ’em all, let god sort ’em
next year gucci shoe, yeah i sport ’em (yeah i sport ’em!)
and i would tell you where i bought ’em
but they ain’t from here and they might be {?}
so fall back like the seats in the back
n-gg-z late, take your seats in the back, church

you heard what my boy said
ain’t nuttin changed but the leaves on the trees
that’s right he on a money run
loso you lappin these n-gg-z

and ain’t nuttin up but the top on the coupe
the pockets are fat man that’s guap’ with a scoop
got three little women like a pop singin group
i make my point, the ball drop through the hoop
they on my joint, that’s how i roll up with the paper
under the wing n-gg-z just fold up like the paper
you gon’ make me put you in a headline
and your girl gon’ help me come up with a hair line
the suck game while i’m drivin is a fool
she know it’s head first like she divin in a pool
right stroke, left stroke was the best stroke
b-tch blow whistle like she had a ref’s throat
foul! and that’s so flagrant
aim at your neck and i spray that fragrance
i’m wear the chrome like cologne
smell me? nothin you can tell me – gone!

ain’t nuthin you can tell this n-gg- loso man
what you gon’ tell this n-gg- man?
this n-gg- know what he doin man
young n-gg-z just fall back out here man
all y’all n-gg-z – you, you, you
tap him on his shoulder, you!
all y’all n-gg-z fall back
it’s ours, loso is here

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