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lirik lagu farewell angelina – bobby bare

farewell angelina, the bells of the crown
have been stolen by bandits, i must follow the sound
the triangle tingles, and the trumpets play slow
farewell, angelina, the sky’s on fire and i must go

there’s no need for anger, there’s no need for blame
there’s nothing to prove, everything’s still the same
just a table that’s empty by the edge of the sea
farewell, angelina the sky is trembling, and i must leave

the jacks and the queens have forsaken the courtyard
52 gypsies now fight p-ssed the guards
in a sp-ce where the dukes and the ace once ran wild
farewell, angelina, the sky is folding i’ll see you in a while

see the cross-eyed pirates sitting birched in the sun
shooting 10 cans with a sort-of shot-gun
and the neighbors they clap and they cheer with each blast
farewell, angelina, the sky’s changing colors and i must leave fast

hang calm, little elves on the roof tops they dance
valentino-type tangos while they make-up man’s hands
shut the eyes of the dead, not to embarr-ss anyone
farewell, angelina, the sky’s embarr-ssed and i must be gone

the machine guns are roaring, the puppet, she rocks
avenge nailing time-bombs to the hands of the clock
call me any name you like, i will never deny
farewell, angelina, the sky’s erupting, i must go where it’s quiet

farewell, angelina, the sky is on fire and now i must go

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